Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a form of traditional Japanese bodywork. It is a massage that uses special oils and heated towels to create a layer of heat between the masseuse’s hands and the client’s body.

Nuru massage aims to achieve an erotic feeling without sexual contact, which can be achieved by using sensual touching, deep breathing, and rhythmic motions.

Nuru massage is excellent for your back, knees, arms, and feet. It is also suitable for sexual enhancement. The towels are made of a unique material that is warm, moist, and sticky.

There are many benefits of Nuru massage:

• It helps improve blood circulation, which in turn improves general health and well-being.

• It can help release tension, increase sexual arousal, and relieve chronic pain by increasing the level of endorphins released in the brain during orgasm.

• It can provide relief from anxiety and stress and reduce cortisol levels (a hormone produced by the adrenal glands).

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